BBA Certification

British Board of Agrement (BBA) Certificates

The BBA is the UK’s major approval body for new construction products and installers. Its Agrément Certificates are recognised by specifiers and other industry decision-makers as proof that the products covered by them have been rigorously and impartially assessed, that they will allow compliance with Building Regulations and will last, in their opinion, for a defined period.

In this last element, the provision of durability statements, the BBA are probably one of the most experienced organisations in Europe. Based on extensive internal testing and validation of product performance in application, the BBA will make a statement as to how long they believe a product should perform in use.

The BBA stated, in their opinion, life expectancy for Sarnafil PVC membranes is “in excess of 40 years” when used in conjunction with a planned maintenance cycle and regular inspections.

Adhered Roofs BBA Certificate

Protected BBA Certificate

Mechanically Fastened BBA Certificate




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