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Manuka Roofing installs Sarnafil membrane on publisher's home

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Jason Orme, Editorial Director at Future Publishing plc, publishers of Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine, the UK’s top selling magazine  for self builders and renovators, chose the Sarnafil single ply membrane as the flat roof solution for his personal renovation project.  East Midlands based Roof Assured by Sarnafil installer, Manuka Roofing Ltd, installed the membrane on this complex but exciting and prestigious project.

Jamie McNeill, Director, Manuka Roofing Ltd said: “We were very pleased to work with the homeowners on this project.  We had a few site meetings and although there were some delays along the way; changes of design, additional roof areas added, revisions to drawings and necessary technical alterations to suit the changes, it was good to be part of the renovation team and everyone is extremely pleased with the finished result.”

Jason took the decision to maximise the insulation of the roof and go all out on reliability by opting for ‘a first rate covering system’ with the Sarnafil single ply membrane flat roofing solution.  It was also important that the membrane could not be ripped or ruined, as an area of first floor cladding would need light treatment every few years, so accessing the roof without compromising the membrane was key. Another factor in the decision making process was that the membrane has a special lacquer coating that protects it from air pollution.

For this project the Sarnafil system consisted of a loose laid polyethylene vapour control layer, 120mm rigid foil face PIR board, mechanically fixed (into deck) Sarnafil single ply membrane and hot air welded (no naked flames on site) at joints and side upstands.

The challenges for Manuka Roofing were to work around the actual on-site building alterations as they progressed and they worked closely with the builder synchronising works with the roof lantern and the renewal of the existing tiled roof to blend the new roof with the old.

Jamie adds:  “The weather was kind to us (mostly) even though the area is pretty rural and exposed.  By using the mechanically fixed system meant our reliance on good weather for progress wasn’t required, which is a key benefit of the Sarnafil single ply membrane system over other systems which are dependent on having good, dry weather for installation”.

Installation took Jamie and his team seven days in total which included complex detailing around upstands, rooflight and gutter runs.  Jason said:  “Progress was amazingly swift as we worked towards getting the house weathertight.  It’s important to get flat roofs right – particularly in our situation where there’s roughly 120m2 of it to go wrong!”.

Peter Manning, Sika Ltd, Marketing Manager – Roofing said:  “It’s a great endorsement for the Roof Assured by Sarnafil brand to have someone so influential as Jason Orme to specify the Sarnafil membrane for his own personal renovation  project.  His blog about the installation demonstrates why the Sarnafil single ply membrane was the best solution for this quite complex project. It also gives credit to the quality of the Manuka Roofing installation”.

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