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Home improvement company owners are increasingly looking at ways to diversify and add to their portfolio of products and services.  Roof Assured by Sarnafil has seen a significant increase in the number of companies wanting to join its registered installer network and participate in the four day intensive residential training course at the Sika Single Ply Roofing Training Academy in Welwyn Garden City.

Rod Benson, Roof Assured National Sales Manager said:   “It is a requirement that all installers of Sarnafil membranes are fully trained in welding and installation techniques prior to installing.   The Academy currently trains around 180 operatives a year coming from the commercial and domestic arms of the Sika Sarnafil and today around 5,000 installers have participated in our training.”

Maurice Curtis, Field Technician and Roof Assured Trainer says:  “The four day training course is very thorough and there is a lot to take in.  It gives a good insight into the company and its products.  We want installers to go away with some installation skills in different systems. Roofing is strongly governed and I always say to them that the application has to be right. Take your time and take no shortcuts is my mantra!”

New installers come from a variety of business backgrounds. Wayne Bradley, Managing Director, Four Seasons Installations, specialises in orangeries.  Although employing his own operatives, he likes to be hands on and attended the recent Roof Assured training course to learn more about the Sarnafil membrane and its application. He said: “As a business you have to keep moving, you can’t stand still; you need to become multi-talented and drive the company forward by looking at new opportunities.  Sarnafil is a market leader, it operates in a high end, guaranteed-product sector. We will use the roofing system in various glass roof options, including orangeries and flat roof combinations.  It’s not all about price; it’s about giving your customers the best.  As they say, ‘you’re only as good as your last job’.


The opportunity to offer a premium product that is well known to Architects, and be part of a global company, is a recurring theme for installers applying to join the Roof Assured network.  Differentiating themselves ‘from the cowboys’, standing out from the competition and pride in delivering a prestigious product and service becomes increasingly important in a cluttered marketplace.

Maurice adds:  “The training course is really just the beginning of their relationship with Roof Assured.  We give installers the peace of mind that they are not sent off to work alone, rather there is a whole team of very experienced Field Technicians always at the end of the phone or willing to go to site.”

Jordan Dearlove, partner Volsen UK, a Roof Assured installer values the support he receives from the Sarnafil team: “Sarnafil is the best, it is the market leader.  Homeowners want peace of mind that it (the roof) will last and that a good job has been done.  It’s the full technical support that you get from the technical team at Sika. It’s all about doing the job properly.”

Roof Assured operates an approved installer card certification scheme which means that installers have their cards renewed every two years.  Field Technicians accompany new installers on their initial projects offering them support and advice and then spot checks are made regularly.

Rod Benson adds:  “Our registered installer network is a crucial part of our offer to homeowners.  We know the product and the company has great credentials but homeowners more than anything want to know that their roof is being installed by a professional.  A roof is often a once in a lifetime spend so customers want it done well. It’s their reassurance, their peace of mind.”

Home improvement companies wanting to know more about how to become a Roof Assured by Sarnafil registered installer should visit or call 0800 614 821.

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