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Tony Poole, Business Development Executive

One of the things homeowners are often worried about when they are thinking of having a new or refurbished roof is how much disruption it will cause. The Grand Designs scenario of living in a caravan with wind and rain sweeping over an open house roof doesn’t do much to dispel the myths that a new roof is literally a ‘blue sky’ moment!

Of course it depends on the sort and size of the project we’re talking about. A large scale new build obviously becomes a case of logistics with the roof only part of an intense plan of works alongside other contractors, project managers, architects and many other stakeholders.

For a smaller flat roof roof installation e.g. an extension, new garage roof, porch, balcony. It will be one our wonderful installers who make sure that, from the first roof inspection to sign off, you will experience as little disruption to site and your life as possible.

The very nature of the Sarnafil single ply membrane and its installation is clean, quick and safe, no messy glues or mixes or dangerous naked flames.  This is a membrane and service that lives up to its Swiss credentials – no fuss, sleek, efficient, high quality. A modern, high tech product installed by skilled contractors who place the customer experience at the very heart of each project.  It’s all about professionalism.

Minimal disruption? Our one of our Roof Assured approved installers recently completed a very large project on a block of flats in London and with careful planning and project management the entire roof was replaced without any of the flat residents having to move out.

This streamlined approach runs through the whole Sarnafil offer – the 15m x 2m rolls of membrane, manufactured in Switzerland, packed and delivered to the UK and stored in the Sika Sarnafil warehousing facility ready for the installer to buy and transport to site.  Note only approved Roof Assured installers can buy the single ply membrane and accessories.

If your project involves a new roof deck or if it’s a refurbishment of an existing roof your installer will take care of all delivery and disposal leaving your site clean and smart with a beautiful new roof.

Feedback from a recent project shows just how homeowners value this premium service.

“C & G Cladding were fantastic.  They had to put up with all sorts of delays including snow which meant they were here for longer than expected. We got to know them well and we were sorry to see them leave when the project was finished.  Their workmanship was excellent especially as the roof required a lot of detailing and it’s all beautifully installed”.

Roofing has historically been focussed on the old fashioned idea of – it’s all about the roofing material but the installation and customer service is a huge part of the process.  Our customers know that the Sarnafil single ply membrane is a premium product but when we get their feedback it’s often about the excellent service they have received from our installers.

We certainly are smooth operators!

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