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Bob Newall, Business Development Executive, Roof Assured by Sarnafil
Bob Newall, Business Development Executive

Does wishing someone Happy New Year have a ‘say by’ date?  Not sure but at risk of over stepping the mark here’s wishing you a very happy 2018 and wishing you all the best for the months ahead.

At Roof Assured we’ve now settled in after the break and on fast track to having another successful year installing the Sarnafil single ply membrane on literally thousands of flat roofs across the country.

We’re booked up to exhibit at the very popular Homebuilding and Renovating Shows which are a perfect opportunity for us to talk the flat roofing talk with self builders and renovators.  One of the questions we’re often asked by visitors to the stand is what is the difference between a single ply membrane and the more traditional GRP flat roof option?  There isn’t really a straightforward answer to this as, like any building project, different solutions suit different projects, budgets, circumstances.

However, there is no doubt that the emergence of the single ply membrane has improved the options for homeowners and is becoming increasingly popular as a high performance, good looking, modern alternative to grp:  “The world of flat roofs has come on enormously ….. yet it is the single ply membranes that are proving to be a real gamechanger for people building new flat roofs.  Easy and quick to fit and cheaper than metals such as zinc or lead, yet they’re still pleasing on the eye.” Natasha Brinsmead, Homebuilding & Renovating Twitter: @MyHomebuilding

It’s in recent years that the Sarnafil single ply membrane solution has moved from being the Architects favourite flat roof option for commercial projects to attracting the same popularity in the domestic sector.  If it’s good enough for the Emirates stadium and Centre Parcs then it must be good enough for my project we often hear people say!

A quick overview is that the single ply membrane is a tough, strong, flexible material that can be either mechanically fixed or adhered to the underlying surface.  It comes in rolls with the joints being welded together using a hot air welded process (including metal look alike standing seams or batten rolls if you wish).  A key advantage is that the membrane is vapour permeable unlike other less breathable traditional options where condensation can be an issue. Plus the Sarnafil membrane offers excellent fire retardancy properties and, not forgetting,  it can also be used on sloping roofs which gives it an advantage over other systems.

The secret to any successful flat roof project is not just the quality of the product, but quality of workmanship which is why Sarnafil single ply membrane can only be installed by one of our network of approved installers.  The last thing you want to be doing over any New Year is worrying about a flat roof installation.

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Happy rest of the year!

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