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Roof Assured by Sarnafil installer De Rosa Installations Ltd installed a 385m2 Sarnafil single ply membrane roofing solution on a stunning new build home in a picturesque location on the edge of a country park.

The homeowner was looking for a modern, high performance roofing solution to complete his new home which consists not only of living areas but its own gymnasium, a distinct wrap around roof and stunning red cedar, exterior cladding.

Situated on the edge of a conservation area the low, flat roof design blends into the rural location. It was important to maintain the landscape and scenic quality of the surrounding area as well as creating a living area with scene stealing panoramic views over the woods beyond.

The main roof installation was carried out in stages during which the De Rosa team installed the different roof levels as and when other works were finished. The project was completed with the final installation of the Sarnafil membrane on a separate garage and gymnasium area.

The building outline is defined by its sectional, Sarnafil protected wrap around roof, with extended overhang that compliments the super sharp lines of the building design while retaining the integrity of the structure. The overhang also helps to protect the cladding, windows and doors below from weather damage, while still allowing ambient sunlight to enter the home.

The roof installation consisted a warm roof with plywood deck and a Sarnavap 500E Polyethylene air and vapour control layer. The Insulation was SarnaTherm polyisocyanurate rigid foam, providing zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP) to achieve the required ‘U’ value. The insulation is in accordance with BS EN 13165 and the SPRA (Single Ply Roofing Association) Design Guide.

The Sarnafil lead grey fleece backed single ply roofing membrane was adhered to the substrate and hot air welded. Sarnafil reinforced membranes are manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Switzerland to ISO 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environmental) standards. Manufactured with a dirt repellent lacquered top surface and treated with fire retardants, it provides a dimensionally stable and vapour permeable waterproof membrane, certified by the BBA as having a ‘life expectancy in excess of 40 years.

Upstands for roof Skylights were created using the Sarnafil membrane allowing the skylights to fit snuggly into place. All detail work was carried out in accordance with the appropriate Sarnafil Standard Details including published Sarnafil technical advice/recommendation and specifier drawings.

The roof installation was finished with Sarnafil lead grey decor profiles to give the look and feel of a traditional metal roof.

Once the roofing installation was completed a Sarnafil Field Technician carried out a 34-point final inspection, ensuring that the work had been carried out in accordance with the specification and that it meets the necessary standards for the issue of the Sarnafil Product guarantee.

Adam Alexander, Roofing Manager, De Rosa Installations said: “This has been a very exciting project for us. The roof design plays such an important part in this self build, effectively linking all areas of the house together. The project was rolled out in stages which allowed us to work on other projects at the same time. It was also interesting to see the house build evolve over time to the stunning family home it has become. We had a great relationship with both the homeowner and main contractor which made the whole project a pleasure to work on and, of course, throughout we had the support of the Sarnafil technical teams when it was needed”

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6 April 2020

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