Flat roof to two extensions and a garage

Two flat roof extensions and a flat roof garage installed with lead grey Sarnafil single ply membrane
Lead grey Sarnafil single ply membrane installed on two flat roof extensions and flat roof garage


Installation of three roofs (Two storey extension to side of main house, single storey mono-pitch extension to rear elevation and new garage roof).


Sian Property Improvements, Hampshire

Description of works

The main house has an original Sarnafil single ply membrane roof. The homeowner chose the Sarnafil flat roof option for the new extensions to match in with the rest of the house.


Approximately 80 m2 G327-15EL mechanically fixed system with type T fleece under layer.  For consistency edge trims were chosen to match the original high level installation.

Installer Comments

“The homeowner is delighted with the new roofs. He was already a Sarnafil brand advocate as the original Sarnafil membrane was still performing so well on the main roof after many years.  I was originally going to install the Sarnafil self adhered membrane but with heavy rain and gales making self adhered installation difficult, I switched to the mechanically fastened option.  That is the beauty of the Sarnafil products, there are options for every installation and every weather condition. It is quite amazing to see that there is no deterioration in the membrane on the old roof and it looks just as good as new.  It is another great example of the high performance and long lifecycle of the  Sarnafil membrane”.

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