Working standards on site – why education is key

Richard Lawton, National Sales Manager, Sika Sarnafil
Richard Lawton AIoR
Regional Sales Manager – South, Sika Sarnafil

There’s been a huge rise in demand for the single ply membrane roofing solution on domestic roofs and as the single ply industry has grown the skills of installers has also grown. We’ve seen an influx of very talented tradesmen entering the industry, along with huge advances in site health and safety standards, both of which are fantastic to see.

In his blog Phil Slatter, Senior Field and Training Technician at Sika Limited talks about why education is key to retaining high working standards on site and addresses the question why reports of damaged single ply roof continues to surface? As Phil states; “…. if applied and protected in the way they should be, Sika Sarnafil’s single ply roofing systems are certified by the BBA to have a service life in excess of 40 tears, demonstrating extremely high levels of longevity and robustness.” In fact many Sarnafil roofs, installed in Switzerland in the 60’s, are still performing well today.

Phil raises two very important issues in his blog.  One involves the roof not being properly protected after installation and, another reason, poor sequencing of work. While these issues are more likely to occur on large commercial projects where long project times, multiple contractors working on site and complex site logistics occur, it’s still important to be aware of this on domestic projects such as large self builds.

Phil gives a good analogy “I often revert to the example that, if a new carpet is fitted as part of a building project’s interior fit out, everyone is made to wear protective plastic covers on their shoes.  Or the carpet is full encapsulated by a protective covering. Up on the roof the same line of thinking should apply.”

Sequencing of work is also important.  Other contracts working on a roof after it has been installed can mean that operatives may inadvertently cause damage with screws and other sharp objects or tools being left lying around, waiting to be stood on and pressed into the surface of the roofing material.

Through ongoing education Sika Sarnafil is working hard to drive the message home that all trades that need to access or work on a roof should be educated in how to respect the waterproofing and how to adequately protect finished work.

The Sarnafil single ply membrane is a premium product developed after years of research, manufactured using the highest quality materials and offering superior performance. It‘s strong, durable and long lasting – three reasons why it deserves to be treated with respect.


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