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Tony Poole explains why homeowners can rest assured with a Roof Assured installation

Tony Poole, Business Development Executive, Roof Assured by Sarnafil
Tony Poole, Business Development Executive, Roof Assured by Sarnafil


Where do you start looking for someone to install a new or refurbish an existing flat roof?

If you’re working on a large self build or home renovation project then the chances are that your architect will recommend a roofing system or manufacturer.  We’ve earned our reputation with architects for whom ‘Sarnafil’ has become the generic name for flat roof single ply membranes. We’ve become the ‘Hoover’ of single ply membranes – architects will  literally specify ‘a Sarnafil roof’. Most home builders and renovators who visit our stand at the Homebuilding and Renovating shows have been recommended by their architect to use ‘Sarnafil’ for their project and come to find out a bit more about us.

Webrooming – everyone’s doing it …

Have you heard the phrase ‘webrooming’? Probably not, but believe it or not we are all doing it!  It’s the act of researching online and buying offline (also known as ROBO- we do love an acronym).  The trouble is that, for those of us who aren’t working on a major project and don’t have a friendly architect to ask, a Google search for flat roof replacement or flat roof leaks brings up thousands of searches. It’s bewildering and confusing – how do we know where to go, who to trust?

When it comes to consumer goods, I’ll nearly always often research online and then follow up with a store to actually touch, see, feel and discuss the product. Not quite so easy when we’re talking about a roof where we know that trust and reassurance are crucial to homeowners looking for a flat roofing solution. It’s a tough call, it’s probably going to be a once in twenty years purchase plus, even after it’s installed, it’s not something you can see everyday to check that all is well.  You can request a sample here (insert link)

I know that homeowners get a lot of reassurance from the fact that the Sarnafil single ply membrane has installed on major projects such as the Arsenal Emirates Stadium, St Pancras Station, Centre Parcs etc.  With teams of architects, contractors, surveyors and project managers working on these high profile projects you can be sure they’re not going to get it wrong.

It’s all about the installation

But as well as product reassurance it’s the installation that’s so important; Roof Assured approved installers undergo rigorous training and are the only people that can install the Sarnafil membrane, secondly installations are checked and monitored before being signed off and thirdly Roof Assured installers, have the eyes and ears of the expert Sarnafil field technicians who are so knowledgeable could choose single ply flat roof membranes as a Mastermind topic.

We’ve also been working closely with the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) who run the Government backed Competent Roofers programme. We will be helping our installers become Competent Roofer accredited so that homeowners, who choose the Roof Assured flat roof solution, know that they’ve chosen an installer who carries the Competent Roofer quality mark.

Perhaps we should change our strapline to Rest Assured by Roof Assured!

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