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The flat roof modernist housing style is enjoying a revival and there’s huge interest in incorporating a flat or low pitched roof into a self build or renovation project.  This is partly a design trend and modern styling but also the cost effectiveness of this roofing option. As a result single ply membranes are proving to be a real game-changer.  Easy and quick to fit they are cheaper than metals such as zinc and lead, are high performance and great to look at.

For homebuilders and renovators a self build project is often the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition and a painstaking journey towards creating an individual, unique home of their own. That is why the quality, performance and aesthetics of the roof are so important.

The Sarnafil single ply membrane has a long history of developing and delivering high quality products, which is why, for many architects ‘Sarnafil’ has become a generic brand name for single ply membranes.

The high performance Sarnafil single ply membrane is strong and flexible and can either be mechanically fixed or fully adhered to the roof surface.  In 2016, after years of development,  we launched the first self adhered, single ply  membrane which is proving hugely popular with homeowners and installers, as it reduces time on site and so can prove to be more cost effective.

All Roof Assured projects are managed by our trained registered installers, who have great insight and experience in fitting the Sarnafil membranes. They are used to working with homeowners, designers, surveyors, architects, project managers, building control, heritage and many more.  If extra help is needed on a project then they are supported by our expert team of Field Technicians and can  help with advice on planning, building regulations, design, performance, thermal details and much more.

We understand how important your new home is to you, how daunting it can be to embark on a challenging self build or renovation project, how difficult it is to find a roofing system you can trust and how scarce reliable installers are.

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