Homeowners spending more on home improvements

James Buckley, National Sales Manager, Roofing Distribution

Barbour ABI has recently published The Home Improvement Report 2022* which makes very interesting reading.  The report gives an overview of where and what we are doing to improve our properties and the rationale for carrying out improvements to our homes.

“The increase in value of homes means we both spend more on buying one and more likely to invest in improving it” (source: Barbour ABI The Home Improvements report 2022)

According to the report, 2021 saw extraordinary growth in planning applications for home improvement work :  “…  this continued rise in planning applications supports a widespread view that the pandemic fundamentally changed how people value their homes. It sparked a desire to invest more heavily in home improvements”.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, climate change is influencing how we prioritise spend on upgrading, extending and renovating our homes.  We’re looking for more energy efficient homes and a desire for homes to be weather resistant to combat the demands of, in particular, hotter summers and wetter winters. It’s interesting to note that homeowners are often combining energy efficiency with carrying out other home improvements at the same time.

As well as making our homes more efficient 2021 the report states an increase in applications for garden building and works with the desire for more outside space up by 45%.  It also states that there was a surge in applications for loft conversions, extensions, garden buildings, landscaping and home offices and 2021 showed exceptional growth in demand for building materials.

This is backed by the wish to free up space with extensions, extra bedrooms and the increase in popularity for home office space to make it easier to work from home. Our experience backs that up and we’re seeing an increase in demand for warm roofs either by upgrading an existing flat roof or adding a new extension. A recent project in Bristol was to install a warm and weatherproof roof on an extension that was to be used for a combined home office and gym!

The report is based on findings from 2021 and it is likely that the rise in cost of living and energy costs will have a significant impact on spend for 2022.

This is all good news for us as we continue to see an increase in demand for our range of roofing membranes to keep homes warmer and weather resistant.

*The Home Improvement Partnership is a collaboration between the National Home Improvement Council, the Federation of Master Builders and Barbour ABI. It produces and disseminates insight into Home Improvement, increasing knowledge and raising the sector’s profile as a critical construction industry.

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