Self extinguishing Sarnafil roofing membrane stops fire from spreading

‘What saved my life and my house was THAT roofing!’

Domestic garages are often a high risk when it comes to domestic fires, as a retired couple living in Rochdale discovered when they had a fierce fire on a flat roof garage extension at their bungalow.

They credit the high fire resistance of the Sarnafil single ply roofing membrane, which had been installed 18 months earlier by registered Roof Assured by Sarnafil installer – Your Choice ( – to ‘saving their lives’ when the fierce fire spread through the extension. The fire was started by an electrical fault in the garage and could have quickly spread if it wasn’t for the self-extinguishing property of the roof membrane which stopped it taking hold and spreading.

‘Roof membrane saved our lives’

The homeowner said: “It was my wife who woke up to the room full of smoke and she dragged me onto the landing. She said: ‘what saved my life and my house was THAT roofing’. If it had been a normal felt roof the fire would have travelled across and the top of the extension and into the house. We wouldn’t be here now to tell the story!”

Although safety conscious homeowners and the use of effective fire resistant building materials and construction methods are contributing to a decrease in fire related domestic incidences, Fire and Rescue Services still attended over 212,500 fires* during 2013-2014.

Self extinguishing Sarnafil membrane

The Sarnafil single ply flat roof membranes, used only by Roof Assured installers for domestic applications, are treated with a fire retardant and are self extinguishing. The membranes are fully compliant with roofing’s most stringent fire safety requirements and can be used to achieve relevant Building Regulations approval.

Sarnafil membrane out performs other roofing materials in fire test

In a laboratory experiment, a flame source was applied for ten seconds to SBS modified bitumen, fire retardant TPO, Sarnafil membrane, and fire retardant EPDM. When the flame source was removed, the Sarnafil membrane extinguished the fire, while the alternative membranes continued to support combustion. See the Sika Sarnafil fire performance test here.

 What the installer says:

Chris Morris, Contracts Manager at Your Choice saw the damage the fire had caused: “Luckily we don’t often get to see the damage caused by a household fire, but I was amazed when I visited the couple’s home and saw just how well the Sarnafil single ply roof membrane had contained the fire. We know that the Sarnafil membrane has all the necessary fire approvals, but I truly didn’t realise how effective and fire resistant it was. I can well believe that it stopped a very nasty accident from happening as well as protecting the rest of their home from extensive fire damage.”

Roof Assured by Sarnafil is the domestic division of the global Sika Sarnafil brand, the leading supplier and manufacturer of single ply roofing membranes for flat roofing.  For more information about Roof Assured by Sarnafil.

* Source: National Statistics – Fire Statistics Great Britain 2013-2014

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