Roof Assured installers answer the ‘DIY SOS Veterans Special’ call to action



Three members of the Roof Assured by Sarnafil registered installer network joined Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team in Manchester, for the challenge to rebuild a street of derelict housing, a support centre and a re-training house for war veterans.

The willing Roof Assured installers;  Dave Moxham, Surrey Single Ply Roofing, Alex Manousos,  South Wales Single Ply and Aaron Hepworth,  Enviroply Roofing, Manchester,  formed a ‘band of brothers’  to install new Sarnafil single ply membrane roofs on extensions of the revamped houses.

In a programme full of ‘stars’, the first episode of the DIY SOS Special attracted an amazing peak audience of over 8.3 million viewers and was more popular than Coronation Street and The Apprentice! Twitter and social media, was awash with tears as the moving final ‘reveal’ showed veterans their new homes.

Charles Pierce, Head of Roof Assured by Sarnafil, said: “We were delighted to show our support for such an important cause and, in a very small way, help those that have helped us so much more. A special thanks goes out to our inspiring installers who helped in the biggest challenge the DIY SOS team have ever taken on.  They all tell us that being part of the project was a fantastic experience, where everyone was working together for a common objective to improve the lives of others.  You really can’t really get better than that can you?”

See the video of the DIY SOS veterans challenge, ’10,000 cups of tea later’ .

It’s been an exciting year for Roof Assured with its projects featured on Grand Designs, and nominated for the RIBA House of the Year Award 2015 and Best New Building in Wales Award 2015 .

The rise in demand for a single ply membrane solution has been, in part, due to the trend for new builds and refurbishments to incorporate a flat or low sloping roof in the design.  The flat profile and low line of a flat roof gives a modern aesthetic and, combined with the high performance of the Sarnafil single ply membrane,  it makes a very attractive proposition for homeowners, homebuilders and renovators.  We are sure that ‘Flat is Back’!

This year also saw the launch of Sika Sarnafil self adhered single ply membrane, which is causing quite a stir in the world of roofing membranes as it can cut on site time and costs.


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