Traditional lead roof replaced with high performance membrane

The old original lead crown roof
New lead roof replaced with single ply membrane


A new single ply membrane roofing was installed on a crown top roof on this heritage property in Cambridge.

Because the property is located in a conservation area height restrictions applied, so it had been built with a crown top roof, meaning it was pitched to a certain height and then flattened to form a flat roof. This style of roof does carry an additional level of complexity in designing, detailing and building but is an elegant feature adding to the character of the property.

The first challenge was to strip off the old lead from the roof and then re-board the area with 18mm plywood.  The lead was over 60 years old and, as well as suffering from wear and tear, had been patch-repaired a few times compromising its look and performance.

The next challenge was to install a single ply membrane over the original roof deck. Because of the nature of the material, a lead roof installation requires the lead to be installed in small ‘steps’ up to a maximum step of 1.5 metres. This wasn’t, by any means, a straightforward flat roof installation but the end result shows how an old roof can be replaced by a new roof without compromising the integrity of the building’s heritage.

The new roof not only compliments the look and feel of this lovely heritage home but will keep it well protected for many years to come.

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