Flat roofing solution installed to replace old asphalt flat roof

Roof Assured installer replaces leaking asphalt flat roof
Old asphalt roof

A badly ageing and leaking asphalt roof was replaced  on this 1950’s bungalow located in the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire.

The owners, Jon and Sarah Buckland, bought the house as a refurbishment project with a new roof being a priority.  The house had been re-roofed in 1991 with asphalt but years of problems had meant patch after patch to try and  halt the decline.

Sarah said: “The old roof was leaking so badly that water was pouring down the internal walls rather than the drainpipes. You could say we had a water feature down the chimney rather than in the garden!”

Based on this roof’s poor performance the couple decided ‘not to go down the asphalt route’ and carried out extensive research into other options including traditional slate and tiles.

A single ply membrane scored highly in terms of performance and cost but it was also  important to have the right look for a home located in a lovely scenic spot. They liked the colour of the lead grey membrane and this was an additional factor in choosing this roofing solution.

The Roof Assured team installed 342 sq m, self adhered single ply membrane on the roof.

Jon and Sarah are extremely complimentary about the service they received from the installer :  “They were fantastic.  They had to put up with all sorts of delays including snow which meant they were here for longer than expected. We got to know them well and and we were sorry to see them leave when the project was finished.  Their workmanship was excellent especially as the roof required a lot of detailing and it’s all beautifully installed”.

It wasn’t only Jon and Sarah that complimented them on their workmanship.  The Building Control Officer commented on the high quality of the installation saying that “they have done a fantastic job”.

Now the new roof is in place Jon and Sarah are continuing the refurbishment confident in the knowledge that that the new  roof will protect the inside of the property as well as the outside.

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