Single ply membrane chosen for flat roof on home renovation project


Homeowner specifies Sarnafil single ply membrane for home renovation project










Jason Orme, Editorial Director at Future Publishing plc, publishers of Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine, the UK’s top selling magazine for self builders and renovators, chose the single ply membrane as the flat roof solution for his personal renovation project.

The challenges for the installer were to work around the actual on-site building alterations as they progressed and they worked closely with the builder synchronising works with the roof lantern and the renewal of the existing tiled roof to blend the new roof with the old.

He adds:  “The weather was kind to us (mostly) even though the area is pretty rural and exposed.  By using the mechanically fixed system meant our reliance on good weather for progress wasn’t required”.

Installation took the  team seven days in total which included complex detailing around upstands, rooflight and gutter runs.  Jason said:  “Progress was amazingly swift as we worked towards getting the house weathertight.  It’s important to get flat roofs right – particularly in our situation where there’s roughly 120m2 of it to go wrong!”.

Read Jason’s blog about the project here:


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