Sikaplan RoofPro single ply membrane specified for warm roof on single storey extension

Roof Assured by Sika installer, Jones Flat Roofing based in Portbury, installed the Sikaplan RoofPro single ply roofing membrane on the 22m2 roof of a single storey extension at a new build home in Somerset.

The homeowners contacted the installer via Facebook and agreed that the Sikaplan single ply membrane, with material guarantees and BBA certification, was the best product to protect the roof of their new extension. The lead grey, single ply membrane was mechanically installed onto the insulated warm roof and around the upstands of the two rooflights.

Ben Jones, owner Jones Flat Roofing said: “I have worked with Sika for over 15 years which means I can offer homeowners the very best installation matched with a premium flat roof membrane from the global Sika brand. The Sikaplan RoofPro membrane was purchased direct from my nearest stockist, Raven Roofing. This means I can offer customers good lead times, cost effective pricing and material guarantees.  I will always choose the Sika membranes over other off the shelf options.”

The Sika RoofPro range of roof waterproofing technologies have been developed to appeal to homeowners but also to give installers a range of premium, low maintenance, flat roofing membranes to offer customers the highest level of product installation.

The Sikaplan Roof Pro single ply membrane provides an all-weather seal and is compatible with virtually all commonly used substrates in new build and refurbishment projects. It has a life expectancy of more than 35 years (BBA Certificate 09/4668), is ETA accredited and comes with 10/15 and 20 year material guarantees. Additional benefits include resistance to permanent UV and wind exposure and a high water vapour permeability.  A great combination of a high performance product and professional installation.


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