Flat roof to swimming pool extension, Dorset

Lead grey Sarnafil membrane flat roof installation

A single ply membrane was installed on the  roof of a swimming pool extension at a heritage home in Mudeford, Dorset.

The roof was completed with a lead batten detail, which was particularly important for this project, where the look of the finished ‘new’ roof had to blend with other lead roofs at the location.  A lead batten detail is  not only  a cost effective  way of replicating the heritage  look of a traditional lead roof but also takes away  the risk of ‘lead theft’.

The new roof  combines aesthetics with ease of installation,  reassurance (independently assessed longevity) and a renowned pedigree in both the commercial and  home building sectors. ”

A project that ‘pooled together’ the high specification single ply membrane and an expert installation team. An Olympic combination!

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