A new roof for Mountain Daisy

Flat roof renovation project for country cottageA country cottage situated in a beautiful location in the Wye Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, now has a long awaited new roof.

The cottage, named ‘Mountain Daisy’, was built in 1860 and extended in the 1900’s to include a flat roof extension with a felt flat roof.  The current owners have lived in the cottage for 25 years. While enjoying living in such a picturesque location they admit the cottage is open to the elements and the roof gets a fair battering from the wind and rain during the winter.

After years of patching up leaks and carrying out temporary repairs, the couple decided that they had done enough troubleshooting and admitted the old, felt roof really had come to the end of its sell by date. They also felt that, until the old roof was replaced, they were at a standstill in carrying out other home improvements. The search was on for a new roof.

Their mission was to find a high performance, long lasting, solution that would blend in with the original slate roof and give years of maintenance free protection.

The owners started some serious investigation online looking at different roofing options. Consideration was given to the size of the (70 m²) and also the location of the cottage. Surrounded by trees in the open countryside, the location was  exposed and any new roof would have to be practical and durable. They’d had enough  of the old felt roof cracking in the sunshine and expanding in the rain, causing leaks. After thoroughly researching they decided that a single ply membrane would be the best, long lasting option

As you can expect a perfect location sometimes presents its own challenges; with forty odd steps down to the cottage, access was tricky but once all the materials, membrane, decking and insulation on site, everything went ahead very smoothly.

It made perfect sense to everyone to remove the slates from the back of the pitch and extend the single ply membrane all the way up to the roof ridge. This created a strong, uniform (with no breaks or joins) roof across the entire rear of the cottage.  The lead grey membrane was also finished with batten rolls to create a lead roof effect which complimented the heritage of ‘Mountain Daisy’.

The project was carried out during five frosty, cold days in February which shows the versatility of the single ply membrane. It can be installed in virtually all weathers meaning an all year round business opportunity for installers. It also makes it easier for homeowners to have a new roof when they want it, rather than having to wait because an installer order book is squeezed into a few summer months.

For the owners this is a great achievement to see the end of a long awaited project: “Now we can start decorating because we know that we can!  Whereas before we were holding off with things like new carpets because we didn’t know if we were going to get leaks. In fact the roof looks so good that it has flagged up all the other areas of the cottage that need doing!  We’ve waited a long time to have a roof we can rely on.  The finished roof looks fantastic and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

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