The Deep Freeze

Bob Newall
Business Development

The results of You Gov consumer survey always make interesting reading and one carried out earlier this year asked the ‘burning’ question – If money were no object would you want to be cryogenically frozen? The study was carried out as part of You Gov’s role as exhibition partner in the recently ended V&A “The Future Starts Here” exhibition.   The results were that only one in eight Brits would said they would opt for the big freeze. It would be a definite ‘no’ from me but apparently since early 2017 more than 250 people had been cryonically frozen.

Not sure what this has got to do with flat roofs and single ply membranes other than the fact that I’m sure many of our installers would say that they feel as if they have been cryogenically frozen when they are working on a rooftop in mid winter!

As it says in the very interesting read see link below only 14% of us are confident that some of those will be successfully revived while 16% remain unsure one way or another. It’s a slightly uncomfortable  topic that doesn’t often arise around the breakfast  table but the more time goes by the better the science behind cryogenics gets.  So who know what might lay ahead – the phrase ‘Can be Frozen’ or ‘Freezer friendly’ will take on a completely different meaning.

As I said earlier, this has nothing whatsoever to do with flat roofs other than the fact that if you opt for the deep freeze you may come back to see your very long lasting, Sarnafil roof outperforming it’s BBA certification  and having kept your home warm for, who knows, how many years!



To our installers make sure you wear your Sika Roof Assured by Sarnafil beanie hat, warm fleece and jacket and thermals!


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