Up front and professional approach to roof projects

Tony Poole, Business Development Executive

It was really interesting to read Jason Orme’s blog post about his personal self build and renovation project.  Jason is the Editorial Director of Homebuilding & Renovating and Real Homes and is a regular contributor on self build and renovation topics in both magazines.  He’s also a popular speaker at the Homebuilding and Renovating Shows that run throughout the year.  It’s usually standing room only for Jason’s talks, as his opinion and advice is highly sort after by home self builders and renovators. That’s why we were very pleased that Jason specified the Sarnafil membrane for his personal home renovation project.

Having now settled into his new home with his family, Jason writes very candidly in the blog about the trials and tribulations of taking on a large renovation project. It’s clear that it isn’t always plain sailing, even for someone with Jason’s knowledge, who refers to certain (not the roof may I add)  elements of the project as a ‘bruising’ experience.

Financial woes seem to be one of the main pressure points.  We all know what it’s like watching those gut wrenching, anxiety inducing moments on Channel 4’sGrand Designs where the homeowners run out of money and resort to credit cards and loans to achieve their dream project. Nail biting stuff!

Jason refers to those unbudgeted hidden extras and costs which can become a huge headache. Our policy is to be completely transparent and Roof Assured by Sarnafil installers will give you an inclusive price with  no hidden costs or undisclosed extras. You can rely on them to work with you openly and honestly.

Part of that is because they take on a true advisory role. They will help you 100% from concept to completion and, remember, if there are any peculiarities they have the enormous Sika resource to call on. When you are working that closely with a customer the conversation is two way, there is no room for anything to be hidden. The Roof Assured installers are professional and will always take a professional approach to your project.

Finally, it will all be worth it, in Jason’s words: “Be bold. For all of the pain, stress and sleepless nights, every time I see the house it gives me a lift, and the compliments from all quarters are nice to hear. What really counts is the improvement in lifestyle that it has given us. We have plenty of space. We have a warm, cosy home. We have heart-lifting views through the house and to the garden.”

So if you have a flat roof element to a self build or renovation project in 2019, talk to us and lean on our expertise to help you plan and budget. We have nothing to hide!

Jason Orme specifies Sarnafil membrane for his self build project

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