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James Buckley
Business Development Manager
Roof Assured by Sika


After an extremely busy and successful Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Farnborough, I thought it was worth revisiting a feature penned by Mark Brinkley, a freelance writer and experienced house builder and renovator, Flat Roofs a Handy Guide. It’s a really useful and still relevant guide to anyone considering including a flat roof as part of their self build or renovation project.  Mark states –  Flat roof structures offer numerous advantages, from design and material options through to cost. But is it the right option for your project?

He then goes on to give a clear guide to flat roof structures, covering building design and flat roof material options through to cost. It’s very easy to get bogged down in technicalities and jargon – and we’re just as guilty of this as anyone – but Mark cuts through all the techy-talk and offers an honest, easy to understand appraisal of flat roof options.

We are great believers in encouraging anyone interested in specifying a flat roof to carry out their research before deciding which flat roofing option to choose.  As well as outlining materials and installation options Mark also bullet points some advantages in choosing a flat roof design over other roof structures. Here’s what he says:

  • Frees up internal space
  • Freedom to plan interesting shapes beneath a flat roof without having to worry about the way the roof is held up
  • Immeasurable flexibility
  • They help to keep the internal temperature stable
  • With flat roofs you get none of the impression of bulk that you get with a pitched roof, but internal area is not compromised to achieve this
  • Cheaper to construct than pitched roofs and need less material to cover the same span

Of course not every flat roof is on a new, self build. Many of the projects we carry out are about replacing existing flat roofs which can be a wiser decision than trying to repair one. As Mark says ‘Flat roofs no longer deserve the bad press they have previously received – modern versions are much less likely to leak and better insulated than versions fitted to slapdash extensions in the 70s and 80s’.

Once you have reached a decision as to whether to ‘flat roof’ or not, then we have a huge resource ready to help, through our network of approved Roof Assured installers and the expertise of our local roofing stockists.

(original post March 2020)

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