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Garage Flat Roofing From Roof Assured

Garages have become an essential part of our home, acting as a storage unit that houses everything from our favoured vehicles, to our treasured golf clubs and seasonal garden equipment. Yet so often, garage roofs are left with inadequate roofing materials, poor drainage and are often neglected. This can lead to leaks in the roof, which in turn, can damage those all-important possessions.

Roof Assured Registered Installers have vast experience in transforming failing roofs, into high performing systems, that offer you the customer, a guaranteed peace of mind. What’s more is that our roofs look more aesthetically pleasing than traditional roofing materials such as felt based roofs, that support moss and bacterial growth.

Roof Assured offer you the opportunity to install a contemporary, low maintenance Sarnafil roof on your garage, so you can turn it into something really special, and make the most out of your space. Due to the quality and skills of our registered installers, and the length of our 15 year guarantee, every roof can be seen as a ‘life time investment’ which offers real ‘value for money’. When you choose Saranfil by Roof Assured, you will join thousands of other happy home owners who have benefited from our service.

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